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about pow wow

Raised between Rockdale, Dekalb and Fulton County, in Georgia Kendall “Pow Wow Chambers was introduced to the world of art by his Mother. She exposed him to images and works of empowerment to battle the racist oppressive environment they were in at the time. Years later after abandoning art Pow Wow returned to painting. While living in Stone Mountain, Georgia he cultivated and developed “Kenfolk Art”. Kenfolk Art explores, documents, and examines the different aspects of indigenous American life. With this new genre, Pow Wow will create and learn as much as possible to make a path for others to represent themselves through the arts.

Kendall "Pow Wow" Chambers earned an Associates Degree from Georgia State University, and is the published author of "BDR". Click here for the paperback. Click here for the ebook. 

*Time Magazine, TimePiece, featured artist 2021. See article HERE.

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